Event Management Services & Logistics

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More services for events

The organization of events is a very broad activity with a lot of potential. In this section we relate services which are less frequent but not less important that can and will enrich the organization of the event.

  • Others events
  • Sites and places for events
  • Equipment and technical services
  • Food and drink
  • Transportation
  • Preparing the site
  • Professionals during the event
  • Entertainment and activities for events
  • Additional services
  • Wedding planners
  • Telecommunications
  • Welcome packs. 

Other events

To host or organize an event part, marketing strategies when promoting a product. We take advantage of this factor and the proliferation of such events is the order of the day.

Fleming and Park has the experience and resources needed to assist in the management of multiple services:

  • Conferences
  • Destination Management Company
  • Promotional Marketing
  • VIP Programs
  • Sporting events and Outdoor
  • Event organization
  • Fairs
  • Events business incentives

Sites and places

One of the fundamental issues when organizing an event is where it will be held. Aspects such as climatology, location, space and capacity of the venue have to be taken into account when choosing the place:

  • Resorts and spa
  • Bars and clubs
  • Convention centers
  • Sports centers
  • Ski station
  • Country houses and castles
  • Convention hotels
  • Interesting sites
  • Restaurants for groups

Equipment and technical services

The logistics of any event tend to be linked to technological applications that enhance the perception of the guest. Separately they might go unnoticed; however together they create an unrepeatable atmosphere to ensure that the event remains in the memory of the audience. For this reason, Fleming and Park is capable of responding to these and many other solutions:

  • Interactive and video solutions
  • Generator rental
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Event technical production
  • Accreditations
  • Computer equipment rental
  • Audiovisual production
  • Special effects and pyrotechnics
  • Light and sound
  • Virtual events and exhibitions

Food and drink

The catering can vary depending on the type of act that is taking place, and obviously will depend on customer's needs:

  • Cocktails and drinks
  • Catering


The transport of both the guests and the organizing team itself is key to the smooth running of the event. In addition to the service of vehicles with drivers and chauffeurs, Fleming and Park is responsible for providing transportation elements that best suit the needs of each client, whether by land, sea or air.

  • Special vehicles for promotion
  • Coaches and minibuses
  • Rental of boats, ships and sailing ships
  • Aircraft rental and charter flights
  • Rental car with driver
  • Luxury cars
  • Limousines

Preparing the site

Look for companies that best fulfill the needs of the client taking into account the quality and budget of the customer:

  • Articles for parties and decoration
  • Rental of air conditioning and heating
  • Tents
  • Design and decoration machinery
  • Stages and platforms
  • Mounting material and landscaping
  • Flowers and landscaping
  • Rental of furniture and display stand
  • Stands
  • Balloons and inflatable
  • Health services and portable toilets
  • Dressing rooms and cloakroom

Professionals during the event

Eventforce is the division of recruiting and managing the human resources of Fleming and Park. Its main objective is to find the person or the necessary equipment in order to develop successfully an act or event.

  • Hostesses and promotional staff
  • Staff for events
  • Photographers and video
  • Medical assistance
  • Speakers and personalities
  • Interpreters
  • Drivers
  • Personal shoppers

Entertainment and activities for events

Over the last decade, the business incentives have increased significantly in our country becoming a milestone for any company nationally and internationally. The leisure activities, cultural, and outdoor team building are key factors when it comes to homogenize and create links between workers in different work areas.

  • Mobile disco and karaoke
  • Activities for groups
  • Show
  • Races and water sports
  • Cultural activities
  • Animation
  • Singers
  • Artists and talents

Additional services

To ensure the attendance of the target audience, any event must use different forms of communication. Which depend on the client's budget.

  • Print and labelling for events
  • Insurance
  • Graphic design
  • Communication and public relations
  • Corporate gifts and merchandising
  • Material for conferences

Wedding planners

In the happiest day of any couple cannot be anything at random, the experience of our team create events provide ideas so the wedding becomes an event unique and irreplaceable. The objective is that the couple can enjoy a day so special with the family and guests knowing that somebody takes care for their interests.

  • Restaurants and lounges of wedding
  • Unique spaces
  • Civil weddings
  • Catering for weddings
  • Wedding invitations
  • Original ideas
  • Photography and video
  • Music and animation
  • Bride's bouquet and floral decoration
  • Dresses and fashion for brides
  • Alliances, jewels and watches
  • Honeymoon


Working in a new city is not easy, let alone in an unknown country. For this reason, Fleming and Park offers logistics solutions for companies that need to be installed for a period of time, whether it is short or indefinite.

Usually this service is used by companies that have set up provisional physical headquarters from which to manage reservations, work, receive faxes and more., due to their attendance to important fairs and congresses.

  • Prepaid SIM cards prior to arrival knowing in advance the phone numbers.
  • Conclusion of contracts both for mobile phones or phone lines (ISDN, ADS...).
  • Rental of computer support and telecommunications, cellular telephones, faxes, computers (or portable), printers, fixed network PBX (analog or digital), etc.
  • Installation of all equipment required by technicians to configure own lines, e-mail accounts with Microsoft Outlook, wireless networks work, etc.