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What is a checklist?

What is a checklist?

Fleming and Park wants to help you in the preliminary organization of your event by providing a checklist of all items on an event, a glossary to understand the jargon and finally tell you about some of other useful services managed by Fleming and Park.

The organization of any event can be divided into three phases.


Definition of goals

Every event has to have a goal or purpose. It is not an independent element of the chain but it is interrelated with the other elements that will be established next.

Determining the target public

It is imperative to establish the target towards the people who the event is being directed to. In order to bring its expectations.


The budget is not a simple amount, it is necessary to interrelate the development activities with the execution activities, that is, to carry out a list with the foreseen expenses, the incomes and their corresponding profit.

Added value

All those elements that will allow to differentiate the event from the customer with respect to those of the competition.


It is fundamental to endow the event with elements that persist in the memory of the target public. Carrying out an event the most original possible way respecting its seriousness.


A series of activities have to be created, that will interest the target public, in order to guarantee their assistance and interest.


Searching the most suitable companies depending on the needs transmitted by the customer taking quality and budget into account.

Place of the event

One of the fundamental parts when organizing an event is where it will be held. Aspects such as climatology, location, space and capacity of the venue have to be taken into account when choosing the place.


For guaranteeing the concurrence of the target public, any event has to use different forms of communication. That will depend on the budget of the customer.

Sending of invitations

Communicating to the assistants the celebration of the act and later to confirm their assistance in order to have an approximate idea about the number of people that will assist.


Establishing which model will be chosen, the steps that will be followed and to sort each one of the events that will take place.



All the implicated parts have to be coordinated and supervised by the accounts business agent as well as by his team during all the event. Following a general timming can be broken down as follows: 

- Assembly 

- Final cleaning and delivery 

- Distribution of personnel and material care 

- Accreditation 

- Acting as the approved planning (event production contract) 

- Supervision and monitoring functions 

- Control and adjustment of planning 

- Clousure 

- Farewells 

- Close


Analysis of results

At the end of the act, the customer will give his opinion and all of the most important aspects will be revised in order to guarantee a continuous improvement.


The satisfaction of the people attending the event is the main goal, therefore, knowing their opinion about this will allow to our team to know the level of success of the event.

Economical result

It is necessary to make a final balance of the event that proves their profitability.

If you are interested in extending and studying a made-to-measure solution for your event, please use the contact form in order for one of our advisers to be able to reach you for aid.