Event Management Services & Logistics


Event organization

A way to communicate effectively. Large companies have found in the events much more selective strategies with its target audience. The event is the main character. The purpose? To submerge the assistant in fun, unique and rewarding experiences that persist in his memory, and due to this, brands and organization will be allowed to create the connection with its target audience.


Corporate events

Meetings, conventions, conferences, shareholders...

One of the areas that has experienced the greatest increase in the Group is the division of corporate events, which is responsible of the management and organization of all sorts of corporate events for customers.

The search for suitable sites for each moment, convoke famous people if necessary, and an incomparable set of logistics … the success of this type of acts is fundamental for the image of the company, and this is the reason why reaching excellence in this field should be understood as an factor to be taken into account. Fleming and Park is very aware of this and, for this reason, it is proud to hold a team with the experience and the necessary “savoir faire” to ensure the success of the event and the quality of all the rendered services.


Business incentives

Group meetings, training, team building, outdoor activities...

For the past decade, the business incentives have increased significantly in our country becoming a milestone of any company from a national to an international level.

The leisure, cultural, the team building activities as well as those carried out outdoors are decisive factors when it comes to the mixture and creation of links between workers of different areas of work. These type of actions help diminish the distance between the different areas of the company, leading to a better and more fluid interpersonal relationship between management teams and workers.

Many companies have already reaped the benefits of organizing events of this sort, making the workers more aware of the company and its objectives.


Presentation and launch of products

Presentations, presence in point of sale, tastings, sampling...

The campaigns to launch new products that require a multitude of small events distributed simultaneously by different geographical areas need a strong coordination, due to the fact that in many cases it is important that the press and the target audience receive input on these campaigns. We are launching major acts of presentation and promotion in which the first impression is essential towards investors and the target audience. On many occasions there are no second chances and an error can be crucial for the effectiveness of the campaign.

The great experience that the team of the Fleming and Park counts on invites, the assistance and advice of customers, so that they can join their guidelines and specifications and with their know how.


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