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Fleming and Park Company


Fleming and Park Company divides its activities into three business lines: Event planning, auxiliary services and logistics services. Due to this, Fleming and Park is able to provide from an isolated service to the complete organization of an event with the same level of quality and control for the customer.

What is Fleming and Park?

A company with a vast experience in event organization and management of complementary services, offering customers an excellent service carried out with accuracy, self-exertion and the commitment of all those forming the team.

Event management

Event management

This group's rationale is the design, organization, production and execution of events at all levels. From small events management to the organization of major events. Fleming and Park' organization of events is differentiated from the rest due to its operational excellence and the pursuit of customized solutions that add value to customer relationships.

Auxiliary services

Auxiliary services

By managing our own resources are we able to coordinate the implicated parts perfectly, offering the maximum level of quality by the end of the event. Fleming and Park is positioned as an integrated company, responding to all services in the event with its own resources, thus preventing the outsourcing of most of the services. We also manage external resources when it comes to providing additional content such as entertainment, catering, animation, audio, image, etc.

Logistics services

Logistics services

The event logistics is another pillar of Fleming and Park, allowing customers to forget about the paperwork and lengthy administrative processes that tend to be difficult and costly if done from abroad. Thus the recruitment of a service does not depend on third parts that are difficult to control.

Mission and Values

Fleming and Park's mission is the excellence in the creation, promotion and management of events on a national scale, providing our clients high quality services and giving our employees the opportunity to develop their professional skills.

The values guiding Fleming and Park are based on:

  • Client orientation (knowledge)
  • Compromise with results (innovation)
  • Sustainability (evolution)
  • Interest in the people (human values)
  • Social responsibility (commitment)
  • Integrity (integrity)